About Us

Hi, I'm Trent Stafford, owner of Trent's Galactic Emporium, and I'm so glad that you've come to visit us!  Here at Trent's Galactic Emporium, we have one mission: to spread the joy and excitement of Star Wars by connecting people with Star Wars toys and collectables!  Now before you assume that the statement above is simply a cheesy tag-line, you need to know a few things about us:

  1. We are not your average, fly-by-night e-commerce toy store - we have a vision, a purpose, and we genuinely care about our clients.
  2. We are all incredibly passionate Star Wars fans - the stories contained within this saga mean a great deal to us and have impacted our lives in very meaningful ways.  
  3. We don't cut corners to save money on shipping - our packaging and packing methods have been specifically developed with the collector in mind; we want your purchase to bring excitement and joy so we take great care when shipping your item (we will NEVER ship figures in bubble mailers - it's happened to all of us and it's the worst!)
  4. We make shipping costs incredibly simple - In the US, If you spend $49.99 or less, shipping is a flat $3, if you spend $50 or more shipping is free! (All items shipped via either USPS or FedEx)
  5. If we don't have a product in-stock, you can submit a request for it - We travel the country in search of new items, thus you simply tell us the item you want, the price range you'd prefer, and some other relevant details.  We then add this to our acquisition list and find the item for you! 
  6. We are collectors too and we want to help in any way we can - If you ever have a question about any of the items in our catalogue, please simply email us at sales@trentsemporium.com and we will answer your question asap! 
  7. Our clients are our priority - We don't get to do this if not for our amazing clients, thus your satisfaction is incredibly important.  If you ever encounter a problem with an order, please contact us so we can make it right! 

Once again, thanks for visiting.  We hope you will give us the chance to show that we are your best source for all things Star Wars! 

May the Force Be With You, 

Trent Stafford